We are excited to send some of our amazing team dancers to Disney World this June!

Kehl Disney.png


Disney shows Sunday June 23.

Show One 2:45

Post Tropical


Fly, Fly Away


Muddy Waters


Five More Hours

Free Room


Show Two 5:00

Never Gone Broke

I Want To Be A Rockette





It’s Over



Disney Workshop - Saturday, June 22

Dancers meet in the hotel lobby 15 minutes before the departure time. Only dancers and teachers can attend the workshop. Dancers will be dropped off at the hotel about 2.5 hours after workshop time.

  • Group 1- 7:00 am (bus departs 6:15 am)

  • Group 2- 10:30 am (bus departs 9:50 am)

Dancers must wear a leotard, tights and jazz shoes. Hair should be in a bun. Cell phones need to be turned off during the worshop.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle with your name on it!

Disney Performance, Sunday June 23

Dancers meet in the main lobby at Disney All Star Resort at least 15 minutes before departure time. Dancers should be in their first costumes with their team jacket as a cover up. Hair and make-up need to be done. NO EARRINGS! Wear comfortable shoes . Carry costumes and dance shoe(s) in your bag. Water will be provided for the dancers. Only dancers in the performance will be allowed to ride the bus. The performance will be in Disney Springs at the Marketplace Stage.

  • Show One- 2:45 (bus departs 1:15 pm)

  • Show Two- 5:00 (bus departs 3:45 pm)

    Check the Disney Team App for more details!