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Mini Session

Mini Session Programs

Are you new to dance and/or not sure you want to commit to a full school year program?  Kehl has short session programs which start in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  These programs are for younger dancers who want to try out different styles of dance.  Parents, you can enroll for a mini session without a long term commitment.   Mini session classes do not perform in our Spring annual recitals.

Class Descriptions

Mini Hip Hop

Is ballet a little too “slow” for your child?  Hip Hop  for young dancers blends a little hip hop and creative movement.  Your dancer will be rockin’ and rollin’!  Perfect for boys and girls.

Dance attire is encouraged, so children feel like “they are going to dance class”.

We offer a package which includes a high quality cotton and lined leotard, soft and stretchy tights, and quality leather ballet shoes for $37 including tax. Jazz shoes may also be worn.  Boys can wear stretch pants and T-shirt.

Dance Sampler

Not sure what type of dance your child will enjoy? Dance sampler includes it all! Class begins with an introduction to ballet terms and concepts.  In the “jazz” portion of class, dancers move to popular music learn to put steps together.  Hour long classes will then put on tap shoes (provided by Kehl’s) and explore the rhythm and fun of tap dance.

This short session does not perform in our annual recital, so there are no costume fees, or school year commitment.  Dancer will need to wear leotard, tights and leather ballet slippers to class to facilitate the changing of shoes and the movement.  Check out our new student dancewear packages!

Fairytale Ballet

Young students ages 3 to 5 will learn the joys of dance through connections with Fairytale stories and their characters. The class begins by creating a scene from the theme of the week. Using props, music and creative costuming, the students will explore dance movement in a fun, unique environment.  Fairytales include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, The Nutcracker and many more.  Boys are encourage to join the fun with special costumes and characters.

Fairytale Ballet students come once per week for a 45 minute class.  This is a perfect first-dance experience.

Fairytale Ballet instructors are specially trained to engage pre-school age children in a structured activity.  We recommend students are potty-trained as a sign of maturity.  This could be the incentive they need!

Parents are encouraged to watch through our observation windows/monitors.  At the end of the class, family members are invited in so students can show their costumes and excerpts from their experience.  Bring your camera!

Female dancers will need to wear a basic leotard (no skirt), tights to cover their legs, and leather-bottom ballet shoes.  We will be putting different costumes over this basic attire each class.  You are encouraged to purchase a special student package we offer which includes a high quality cotton and lined leotard, soft and stretchy tights, and quality leather ballet shoes for $37 including tax. (All pink available, of course!). Male dancers should wear a white tee shirt and tight fitting sweatpants/leggings and black ballet shoes.

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