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School Age Recreational

School Age Recreational

Find just the right dance classes! At Kehl we have Creative Programs for the young dancer such as Mini Hip Hop and Tiny Tots, Recreational Dance for kids that just want to dance for fun, and Dance Focus Programs for more serious study. View detailed class descriptions below.

Class Descriptions


Ballet is the fundamental for all dance. Ballet provides the basis for all forms of dance and should be taken first, or concurrently with tap.   Ballet encourages proper technique, posture and muscular strength.  Dancers are introduced to the positions and names of dance steps.

Younger dancers start with movement, which includes gross and fine motor skill development, and move at a faster pace.  We use fun songs they may know.  Classes are generally 30 minutes and designed to be combined with tap.  As they get older, dancers are introduced to “barre” work, which provides the basic warm-up used by all dancers, including professionals.  Classes labeled Ballet incorporate technical skills and performance skills, and perform a ballet dance designed to highlight the skills they have learned that year.

Ballet provides the basis for all forms of dance and should be taken first, or concurrently with tap.   Ballet encourages proper technique, posture and muscular strength.  It provides the dance terminology used in other forms of dance.


A fusion of dance styles designed to be extaordinarily creative and expressive.  Ranging from athletic to theatrical to soft and beautiful, this type of dance is showcased weekly on “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Our contemporary/lyrical classes require an understanding of basic jazz and ballet terminology.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest funk moves. Rhythm, coordination and body isolations are the focus of this fast-paced class.  Get your middle school and high school age kids engaged in some fun exercise!  Great for learning school dance team moves.  Turns, leaps and tradition dance moves are learned with an emphasis on the hip hop genre and appropriate music.

Kehl instructors attend conventions to learn the latest and greatest hip hop!   Is Hip Hop your thing? Join one of our competition Hip Hop Crews!


Jazz is a high-energy form of dance set to popular music. The fundamentals of jazz involve body isolations, jumps, leaps, turns, lots of fun and exercise!

Dancers can begin jazz in 2nd grade and Pre-Jazz in kindergarten.

Students are grouped by age and experience.  We use age-appropriate, popular music for each group.  Classes begin at 30 minutes per week, and are designed to be combined with ballet and/or tap back to back.

Experienced jazz dancers are invited to audition for our Dance Teams! Dance teams perform and compete different styles of jazz dancing each year.  Dancers must be in at least 3rd grade to audition.  See Dance Teams section for more information.


Tap dance is performed wearing special “tap” shoes. Tap has fun names such as “Buffalo” and Maxi Ford”, and students learn the “real” tap terminology.  Students learn basic tap steps and put them together in exciting combinations using high-energy music. Tap is a special type of dance, which encourages development of musicality and promotes coordination, especially with the feet.  Great for soccer players!

Dancers can begin Tap at Kindergarten age.  We recommend taking ballet with tap, but it is not required.

Kehl’s has a very strong tap program with exciting choreography and two award-winning performance tap teams, the Footlights and the Tel-Tones.  See the Dance Team section for more information.

Free Dance Days

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